Being a Turkish firm, LUYANO carries on with getting the consumer and the constantly self-renewing design works together with its two crowning brand marks named “LunArt” and “CATS by Luyano”, which have been a matter of common knowledge within and out of the borders of Turkey.

Whilst recent investors who would like to get a move on the best retail business, holding a place within such a unique creation of “CATS by Luyano” in the world, are rapidly increasing, the other stores trading off “CATS by Luyano” products and demanding to increase their sales by going through an overhaul under their present circumstances, are getting better results with the help of overhauls that they carry out.

Our SLOGAN is determining the products including both functionality and the feature of giftware, together with original, amiable and amusing design works, and offering these products to the consumers with an optimum price range. Our aim is maintaining our reliability without compromising our quality while developing this structure and with the consciousness of being at the back of our brands all the time.

In addition to the concept of “CATS by Luyano”, LUYANO offers you collections selected from Global Brands as well. For instance, being a Global Brand, “FRANZ” is a set of special design works, which are produced from porcelain at the end of merely handmade works and all of which have the quality of art works. You can find information about this brand in the section of “Our Products”…